And so it begins…

It’s an exciting time here at moon and alchemy with the launch of the website, YouTube channel, twitter and Instagram. What can I say? It’s been a busy old time.

I’m so excited to be stepping off into the unknown with you all and feel that you are very much part of thing here at moon and alchemy. Its a privilege to be able to do tarot readings for you each day… Hmm.. Well let’s be honest, most days. I try my best to get things on there daily but it’s a challenge with other life commitments. Know that I am passionate about using my gifting to serve you all.

I’m Christina and I’m an intuitive tarot reader and an empath. A typical aquarius I like to break the molds and I will, rightly or wrongly, deliver the messages that I feel drawn to share. Hold tight team, it could be a bumpy ride at times. Know however that there is a greater purpose that only you and source can decipher.

All of my readings are for collective groups so they can not possibly resonate with everyone but I hope you’ll find something that is of help for you. If not, please feel a sense of peace in the knowledge that you will find another reader who will guide you.

Whilst it is my mission to use my gifts to guide you, the messages are not a replacement for medical or psychological help. Please always seek guidance from your medical practitioner

I will be offering some freebies as part of the website launch so stay tuned for that. For now though, subscribe on social media to stay up to date with our events

Spirituality blessings

Christina 💕

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