Is it decision time?

Tarot 2020

Over the past few days there appears to be some common themes emerging for the collective in my readings. If you haven’t caught up have a look on YouTube (see the link).

The turbulent 2019 seems to have leeched into the start of 2020, however spirit has been using the tarot cards to speak of new light and energy. Hurrah! With it, there appears to be change on the cards… Quite literally. I don’t know if its guidance from source and astrological changes or if the onset of isolation and family time has caused a reflective cooling off period. Either way, relationships are evolving, with reunions and endings ongoing. It’s like both ends of the law of attraction stick, frequently talked of by Esther Hicks, so choose carefully what you want to focus on and manifest. Others are looking to the ending of old cycles and moving into new ways of thinking… Working remotely, collaboratively or changing direction altogether. Regardless of your current situation, continue to focus on your well-being; physically, mentally and spiritually.

I will be uploading links to some of my favourite resources for wellness, to help you through this growth period, including relaxation meditations and mindfulness cards. I’ll also endeavour to share lots of freebies and discounts to help you out.

Do check in for your daily energy tarot readings for 2020 on YouTube and look after each other

Spiritual blessings

Christina ⭐

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