Live life with tarot..

Where’s your favourite place to read tarot/connect with spirit? Outdoors, indoors, favourite room?

Today, with my coffee in hand and ready for the daily read, I wondered how others prepare themselves to give or receive messages from spirit. Do they have routines… A favourite place to sit… A favourite drink on hand? Do some connect better outdoors surrounded by nature or in a particular room of their house?

For me, I love music and to be surrounded by items that bring me joy.. Hence the coffee and my journal inspiring today’s read. You’ll also find that I attach the links to my Youtube uploads, allowing others to access the music that I’ve used. Music allows me to create the atmosphere in which to channel messages best.

It struck me that my choices are often governed by the general energy of the day… The need for a candle and a glass of wine on a dark evening where I feel the nudge towards a love reading for a specific group of people, or in contrast something citrus to drink and smell when something new is afoot.

I’d love to hear your experiences.. Where do you like to go to connect with spirit and your inner voice? What things help you to do that?

Where ever you are in the world today, I hope you have the time to connect with your inner voice.. Seeking guidance when and where you need it

Spiritual blessings

Christina x

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