Thought for the day

The energy looks good for the easter weekend. There are rumblings of a soul mate interaction playing out again… Or definitely connections with people from the past. Childhood friends or perhaps friends from university or school.

In the past few weeks I’ve heard people discuss their new routines as they adopt a lifestyle at home. Although I love medicine, I too long for a life where I could work from home and I’ve no doubt there will be much to learn about remote working, within the world of medicine in particular

Easter 2020

The card reads… Take 10 undistracted minutes to think about this quote and how it applies to your life.

‘It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters’ – Epictetus

The first thing that struck me was how difficult it is to have undistracted minutes.. When did you last try to meditate? The mind is so busy with the events of the day, the to-do list, the errands, the ‘must not forget’s… It takes me such a long time to switch my mind off. However, its become a priority in my life, my emotional and mental wellbeing..

I would argue with Epictetus that it does matter what happens to you.. Every trial is a different test and affects you in a different way.. And that does matter. It matters to your mental and spiritual growth and wellbeing..

But he/she does have a point. Unfortunately I also assume that epictetus is male.. Mostly because I don’t think the words of women were written down or remembered from that era. So, he has a point. It is ultimately what we choose to do, we have free will and can chose to go on the journey of self expansion and growth or not to. It would no doubt be a difficult road however, I’ve also seen the path of those who continue to Bury their head in the sand hoping that they will not be tied and tested by lifes paths. I’m not sure it quite works like that. Also, I’m pretty sure to take the path is to growth and learn and expand and ultimately reach some abundance and… Peace

So, take the 10 minutes… Sit until you are undistracted.. And consider what has happened to you… But more so… What did you chose to do about it. What did the outcome mean to you?

Spiritual blessings x

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