Thought of the day..

Graceful, perceptive, artistic

The Gazelle is thought to be hyperaware of their surroundings and vulnerable. When the Gazelle spirit appears with it comes anxiety, perhaps food intolerance and insomnia, with a mind that can not switch off. Could this be you today?

Gazelles are in fact graceful, perceptive and artistic, however this requires them to change their focus towards the present moment and appreciate what they have around them.

Take some time today to stop, sit, breathe and become aware of the beauty of your surroundings. You may be feeling the pull to reorganise your home environment today. Go ahead and make a few creative changes if it lifts your mood and makes things more cosy and inviting.

You may also find that yoga helps you to unwind and to switch off your mind, particularly before sleep.

Perhaps you have a creative talent that has been buried for too long… Today may just be the right time to gently reawaken your gift

Spiritual blessings x

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