Thought for the day

Are you right or wrong?

This beautiful reflection card fell out today from my mind card selection. Challenging me to think about being right or wrong and does it matter, if so, why?

The ego can be both positive and negative but it made me wonder, if I didn’t care about ever being right how would my life be different.

Would I lack an opinion, would I alter how I express my opinion, would it alter my thought processes or even my communication in general. What drives our desire to be right? When push comes to shove, how many of us actually care about it?

I remember listening to a podcast from Esther Hicks who explained that even a neutral response can be enough to alleviate an argumentative reaction in another.

Is there someone in you world who always pushes your buttons? So often, these are the same people who are reflecting back the exact characteristic in ourselves. That’s so frustrating.. Like spiritual growth!

I challenge you today.. See if you can find a neutral response.. Notice the difference. Even if you don’t manage it, be kind to yourself. Acknowledge your ability to be aware of such social dynamics and respond to the reactions of others.

Take time to reflect on the statement above.. Who knows what might change

Spiritual blessings x

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