Thought for the day..

Are you happy?

Today’s mind card selection reads.. ‘take 10 undistracted minutes to answer the following question in your journal with regard to your life in this present moment’.

It seems simple doesn’t it, but there is an expectation there- we assume that each of us has 10 minutes to take, that we can get our minds into an ‘undistracted’ state, that we already have a journal or make time to journal and.. Well, that we can focus on the present moment in our lives.

Altogether, that seems like so much. However, if I can change my perspective a little shift at a time, it becomes more achievable.

1.Could I find 10 minutes to sit alone with a book and pen? Yes

2.Could I give my brain some space to even be undistracted for up to 5 minutes at first? Yes

3. Could I sit and breathe.. Focussing on the simplicity of breathing in and out.. In the present moment? Yes

4 could I repeat each step to form a new habit every day? One day at a time? Yes

When we’re you last happiest? I challenge you to ask yourself this question today and write down your answer. Do the same for 28 days. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Consider whether you may benefit from having your own little mind task everyday. The beautiful mind cards from LSW London have really helped my journey.. I hope they may help you too. See to view this stunning resource

Spiritual blessings x

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