Tarot card of the day..

Partnership, romance

This beautiful energy today reminds us of the presence of spirit, who stands beside to help. Who helps us to create our greatest desires. Be peaceful in the confidence that you do not walk alone, spirit goes where you go.

Today, you may experience the coming together of different partnerships, if only through messaging, phonecalls or perhaps video linking with someone special. A friend, family member, business colleague or romantic partner. Observe the beautiful gift of this interaction. There are positive things coming for you.

In opposition to this, we are encouraged to consider relationships which no longer serve ys. Those which may be more hindrance than help, addictive in nature, or have some sort of obsessive tendency. Consider any red flags or mixed messages from a peaceful place. Take time to meditate and engage your own intuition. Build healthy boundaries by instilling the distance or space you need to gain a solid foundation and sense of balance within yourself.

Trust that more will be revealed to help you in your decision making.

Spiritual blessings x

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