Tarot card of the day..

Obsession, scarcity, attachment

Wow! Even reading the card puts me a little on edge- especially as an energy for the day. Although, when I look at the imagine its really enchanting, it draws you in, like magic.

What’s really being identified here is repetitive behaviours. Are you doing the same thing over and over? You’re being called to surrender to the divine.

Also, the hungry ghosts remind us of the part that distractions can play in our lives, pulling is away from our true desires. The effects of society and other peoples influences of what happiness is may draw you away from what true happiness means to you.

See beyond how things look and follow the feeling–your intuition knows the way.

Stay away from lack mentality or fearful approaches to life–they are a thing of the past at this time. Don’t compare yourself with others but be brave enough to follow your own sweet path

You are abundant and perfect when you stick with your own road

Spiritual blessings x

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