Thought for today..

“Write a letter or note to your partner, friend or family member telling them. What you love and respect about them “

I can’t remember the last time I did anything like this–even written cards somehow seem slightly extravagant in a new ‘paperless’ society. Sometimes I think we communicate more with our friends, partners and family due to advances in technology and more recently, the addition of a house bound status. Is it of quality though?

The thing about social media is that it’s so easy to be one of many things you can ‘multitask’ with. It’s much easier to get away with the simple signs of distraction or background activity due to a poor signal etc.

I remember a childhood of everyone being squashed in the living room on a Sunday evening together. Wishing that some of them would be quiet! There was something wholesome and raw and.. OK.. Annoying about all being in one space trying to co-exist. It was also were we learned about life and love and relating to those around us. Can the same learning be applied to social media?

I’m not sure I could cope with detailing all of the things I like about someone but appreciation is easy to demonstrate. Give generously of your time, help a friend in need, be a shoulder to cry on and tell people that you appreciate them.

I may not write a long letter, but a little note of appreciation.. We all have time for that

Spiritual blessings x

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