Journaling gold

For those of you who follow me on YouTube or Twitter or Instagram (and if you don’t, why not?!), you will know that I am a huge fan of mindfulness, meditation and journalling, in addition to my love of tarot of course. Ultimately I believe all of these elements can work together to help with our spiritual journey and, possibly more importantly, our growth. You’ll also know I’m a huge fan of a wee cuppa tea with my tarot reading sessions. However, what you may not know is that I am a lover of stationery. What can I say, it brings me joy! I could spend a lot of time procrastinating through decorating beautiful notebooks that I’ve bought, ensuring that the inside looks as beautiful as the outside…and I wouldn’t consider it a waste of time. It’s an investment.

I now rarely travel without a notebook to hand- ideas for my next tarot update, my thoughts for the day. You could claim that my blog has increasingly become my ‘journalling’ space, sharing my ideas with the wider tarot, meditation, mindfulness and journal lovers communities. I know you are all out there.

There is therapy in the things we write, in how we write them, in logging our thoughts and ideas of scenarios, especially as they unfold in our lives. Sometimes there is even a reason to reflect on them, to go back and look at the road we’ve trodden, the lessons we’ve learnt along the way. Hindsight is an amazing thing…but so is self reflection and investment.

With that in mind, I have provided a selection of some of my favourite journals on the market to encourage you on your ‘journalling journey’. They are quite simply, beautiful…

1 This book is all kinds of beautiful, with its luxury grey cover and gold writing. Have a look in more detail at the three happy thoughts gratitude journal £16.50

2. The happiest gratitude journal carries its own energy! With it’s bright colours and containing guidance of how to get started in journalling, it’s the perfect choice for beginners. Also, its a steal at £7

3. This custom named journal from RSVP Handcrafted is so luxurious looking, inside and out. It’s seriously worth the investment! £67.72

4 Here at Moon and alchemy it would not be a surprise to hear that I love this cosmic looking bullet journal from Little Bird Singing. It even comes with stickers and different page types so you can tailor the journal to meet your needs and your style. At £4.50 you have no excuse to not give it a go!

5 For those of you who like to record your dreams, this mystical journal from DreamKeeper is amazing. I’m hooked on the chestnut colour and lock alone. As a celt, you wouldn’t be surprised that it’s design won my heart. Not sure I’ll be able to resist this one at £23.97

6 This little floral journal from The Mexican Studio is gorgeous, it’s even beautifully colourful on the inside. Definitely one to put in your handbag on the go. It’s also so chic for Spring and summer 2020! Yes, if I had my way, journals would have fashion seasons too. £11.99

7 Customised refillable leather journal for men from TheDaydreamBrand was refreshing to see. Why shouldn’t men journal? The leather quality is great and it’s refillable, warranting the price tag. Chaps, you’re worth it! £42.32

8 A delightful, delicately designed, personalised leather notebook from Tiger Leather Gifts. The forest scene would be enough to inspire any budding writer. £16.51

9 This classic design journal from Event City Design should be a staple on everyones shelf. It comes in lots of different colours of leather and of course it’s personalised. I particularly like the rose and pink ones! £16.92

10 The colours!! This foil coated journal from AndSoTheyMade comes in lots of beautiful, bright colours and it’s a hard back too! All you have to choose is how to personalize yours. £15.95

That’s what I’ve got for you everyone. Man, I love these- hope you do too. Now go ‘A-journaling’

Spiritual Blessings x

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