Tarot card of the day

Positive, enthusiastic, spiritually resourceful

Positive energy! Hurrah! The hummingbird is full of positivity, energy and drive for life.. It knows where to find its source of rejuvenation and enrichment!

Some of us have been on a roller-coaster of a spiritual path over the past 12 months. Spiritual growth always seems to come with some serious and often painful stretching. This however helps us to work out where to seek guidance, refreshment and enlightenment. You are not who you were 12 months ago.

You know how to use nature, your creativity and your spirituality to bring relief and soothing to your own life. You are not reliant on others! Many of you have developed your skills in the use of law of attraction, mindfulness, meditation, journal writing, dream recording and even yoga and exercise. You know your place in the world and outdoors in nature… And it brings you peace.

Celebrate your new found energy and positivity for you are enlightened.

Spiritual blessings x

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