Top 10 mindfulness resources 2020

Mindfulness is an amazing spiritual practice that has become popular in the past few years in particular. It’s approach has been adopted in schools, workplaces, industry and centres of healthcare and well-being. For those of you who have never come across it, here are my recommendations of top 10 mindfulness resources to kick you into touch.

The little book of mindfulness

1.It’s pocket sized and an easy read with all of the top tips you need! £4

21 Days of Mindfulness E-book

2. Time to give it a go for a few days and test your skills- you may even develop the habit! £1.97

Personalised ladybird book of mindfulness

3 This little book is so easy, its like child’s play. Absolute steal for this old classic style. Plus it has all you need to know.£14.99

Introduction to mindfulness and manifestation PDF

4. For mindfulness on the go at an introductory level, this is perfect. So is the price!£3.04

Guided mindfulness meditation and 21-day challenge

5 Perfect meditation to download on your phone so you can try different locations or fitting it into your working day. You’ll also find guidance in the 21-day challenge. £5.02

Guided Mindfulness walking meditation

6 This is a perfect meditation to take with you on any day- a walk to work, to see friends, taking the dog out. £6.03

Mind Cards LSW London

7 These are my go-to for daily mindfulness time. Luxurious and with nuggets of wisdom, I also share them at the end of my tarot readings £9.99

A book that takes it’s time

8 For those of you who are artistically-minded, this is simply a beautiful way to gain insight into the wonder that is mindfulness £20.90

Love yourself mindfulness and inspiring word colouring book

9 When self love is the order of the day (and when is it not??) this is what you need £8.99

Mindfulness journal

10 For those of you who need a journal to stay on track, this one is filled with positive affirmations. £22.00

That’s what I have for you team. You may notice that I have not chosen lengthy books to read or great detailed items because mindfulness is ultimately about practical application. So get stuck in! I hope this selection of items helps you on your journey.

Spiritual blessings x

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