Top 10 Law of attraction resources in 2020

Another practical guide for you all- some of my handpicked top resources for 2020. There are so many books on the market regarding law of attraction that it can be a little overwhelming…or at least I thought so when I started. I also spent a lot of time reading and perhaps less time in the practical application of the principles..which surely is the whole point. These resources are designed to fit into small chunks of your day and to enable you to learn about law of attraction, through application. I hope they help!

  1. A stunning work book for you to meander your way through at your own leisure. It’s beautiful £16.10

2. For those of you who want an introduction to using the law of attraction to manifest wealth and abundance, this is a great starting point £7.04

3. The top reads by some of the biggest names in the world of law of attraction. Definitely the place to get grounded in the topic £20.97

4. Sit back, relax and harness your skills in law of attraction with this special message £10.90

5. For those of you who are creative and enjoy a practical task this is perfect. Let loose! £5.03

6. All the information you need regarding successful behaviours, financial education and law of attraction principles to build prosperity. £10.89

7. How to use law of attraction to develop your most healthy, lean and strong physique. What does physical wellness mean to you? £10.03

8. Who doesn’t love a digital planner and this one is designed to help you manifest your desires. Make your dreams a reality! £9.06

9. This is a one-stop shop for building your knowledge in the use of law of attraction in all areas of your life. A great all-rounder! £10.06

10 It does exactly what it says! A life coaching planner that’s grounded in law of attraction principles. It’s also an absolute steal! £2.01

Well, that’s what I have for you team. Hope these resources help to build your understanding and, more importantly, your application of law of attraction.

Spiritual blessings x

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