5 Reasons you don’t hear your own intuition!

People have been asking me recently, can tarot predict the future? Is it supernatural, or magical? Is it something done by witches? Tarot originated as a game.. Designed to tell a story and to predict the next turn of events for Lords and Ladies at court.

Tarot is essentially a tool, much in the same way as meditation, or mindfulness, or prayer, or yoga. A method through which we can reflect on our spiritual lives, ask questions of ourselves, explore our authenticity and grow more in tune with our intuition.

How in tune with your intuition are you? Do you seek approval from others when you’re making decisions or can you trust yourself? Trust your own mind, your own heart and your own gut feeling.

Where do you feel your intuition in your body? Do you even know?

Here are 5 reasons why you don’t hear your own intuition!

1 Your rational mind is too strong

2 Your ego gets in the way

3 You’re feeling anxious or depressed


5 You feel detached from yourself.

If you can relate to any of these your intuition is telling you something. Perhaps it’s time to spend more time getting in tune with.. You!

Spiritual blessings x

One thought on “5 Reasons you don’t hear your own intuition!

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