Men need spiritual guidance too! In my recent networking around the online tarot community, I had the opportunity to mix with lots of amazing people. I offered my skills and support as I moved around and tried to encourage others. I commented on what I thought was a conversation between lots of amazing women and wished them the very best for their love lives! The chat was instead interrupted by an amazing man..

The articulate young man expressed his frustration, “why should men not have access to spiritual guidance through tarot as well?” I thought to myself, you making a cracking point! I started to investigate what was available in terms of male specific tarot spreads and did not find loads. However, I did come across a rather amusing one and so..

The HE-MAN tarot series is set to be launched THIS Friday! If it appeals to you, subscribe on YouTube for instant updates. I hope this series helps to empower men in the tarot world and more importantly, within their spiritual lives.

Which leaves me with a final question -WHAT’S YOUR SUPER POWER?

Spiritual blessings x

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