Tarot card (plus 1)of the day..

It’s supposed to be tarot card of the day… Not some random selection. What can I say.. When they want to speak they speak. What a beautiful selection though, I was hardly going to turn either of them down!

The dolphin tells of our abilities as intellectuals, bright and perceptive and yet healing and comforting. This speaks of our capability to light up a room, to warm another person’s heart, to heal a soul.. If only for the brief time that we are with another person. How often do we think of our abilities to positively influence those around us? How often do we recognise that we have something so unique, so exquisite that it leaves a glow in the energy long after we:be left that space. Its certainly. Something to ponder.

And then it comes.. The spider. Our ability to create our own prosperity through our works. Being playful and yet meticulous as we work focused on the magic of the process and not just the end result. Showing our flare of creative genius in whichever field we’ve chosen or have passion for. The work soon becomes something magical, abundant and.. Priceless

There is something very special about this combination of energies in the air. For the first time, in a long time, the energy speaks of something enchanting to come..

Spiritual blessings x

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