Tarot card of the day..


Today’s energy is amazing! It speaks of determination and keeping things on the lowdown, secretive aspects of ourselves and others. Gifts we forget that we have, little golden nuggets tucked up inside that we rarely use let alone share with others, perhaps we take them for granted. They lie there dormant for weeks, months, years on end..

As we squash them down we often replace them with feelings of doubt, of fear, we question our abilities, our motivations, ‘why should I bring it out into the open?’ we can become shy or withdrawn and we protectively guard these treasures, the things that often lie closest to our hearts.

Today’s message is one that encourages you. Dare to bring your gifts out into the open, share your greatest treasures. With oyster determination and focus you may be amazed by what happens.. To you and those around you.

Go on.. Release the pearl

Spiritual blessings x

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