Thought for today


Today’s beautiful mind card says:

“Go through your wardrobe and throw out an item of clothing that you haven’t worn in the last 18 months.”

How many items would you have? I’d have many!

It got me thinking though; it’s not just clothing or household clutter, it’s old ideas, behavioural patterns, paradigms of thought. Things have been changing within the world, with fresh energies coming it. Perhaps this period of “rest” will help rejuvenate all of us. Give us a fresh perspective of life, our freedoms, our dreams and goals, things that are close to our hearts.

Perhaps today is the day to get rid of the last negative thought, an old idea that keeps cropping up or just general insecurities. You won’t need them where you are going beautiful soul!

Don’t forget to throw that item of clothing😉

Spiritual blessings x

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