Tarot card of the day


Gotta love this guy. He speaks of experience, ancient, grounded energy. when the turtle shows up we can be sure it is a sign that we have a reached a secure, grounded place with a confidence in who we are.

The turtles love of land and of the water cultivates this grounded energy that is a comfort to those surrounding it.

The turtle has an ability to use its travels and experience and put them to good use. If you are creative, particularly a writer of some description, this message is for you. Use the stories that you have tucked away under your shell. Use your experiences to write a unique story.

More importantly, perhaps it is time to put an end to the tale of woe from days before and to write your story!

There is a. Special message today for writers. If you’re experiencing a block of some kind, go on an adventure and come back to it! You don’t even necessarily need to leave your house! Try something new that challenges your limits at home. An online course, a dexterity challenge, learn to cook Japanese cuisine. It does matter what the task is, just push some new boundaries before you return to the page!

For others of you, journal until your hearts content. Here is a link to my hand-picked selection of journals for 2020.Have a 👀


Spiritual blessings x

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