Tarot card of the day


When the unicorn appears it wakes us up to the divine and our higher selves. We look at it and wonder if it ever truly existed. Could it have existed? Is it male or female? What power does it have… Could it have?

Our relationship with the divine, our higher selves and our intuition can be similar. Is it real? Is there something beyond our day-to-day lives? Today may be the day to stop for a moment and ponder that.

If there is a divine source- what role does it play in your world?

Some have compared the unicorn to the third eye chakra–with its horn placed between the eyes. Our eyes are thought to see the past and present, with the third eye looking towards the future. The 6th chakra is linked to our intellect, intuition and deepest wisdom. Take time to check in with yourself:

What have you learned recently – what wisdom do you hold?

How far can your intellect reach before your faith in the divine takes over?

Where do you feel your intuition?

Consider journaling about your current answers to review again in 1-2 weeks, you may just see how much you are growing.

For further help developing your intuition, you may find this article helpful https://moonandalchemy.com/2020/05/04/5-reasons-you-dont-hear-your-own-intuition/

Spiritual blessings x

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