Thought for today

Just a wee story from my last week.. One that made me smile.

I went searching for a new candle. A friend had recommended one in a particular superstore due to its amazing scent, so I trundled off to find it. Needless to say, it was not there, and I bought another candle in a box which had a beautiful floral exterior. I hadn’t removed the candle, nor had I observed the name of the brand but it seemed to smell nice (as much as you can tell from a sealed box) and I was preoccupied by its pretty exterior. How many times has that happened to you?

When I opened the box this pretty pink candle was inside, and it smells just that.. Divine! Having spent the week uploading my tarot readings onto YouTube and spreading the word of the upcoming launch.. I felt the universe chuckle as it reminded me of the overall purpose… The divine. To share message of hope, joy, truth and support people along their spiritual path

Divine means ‘very pleasing’ or ‘delightful’, ‘providence’ or ‘God’ Wow!

As you go about your week, let the universe pop in to give you little reminders of who’s in charge. Surrender to your life path and enjoy the synchronicities that unfold..

Spiritual blessings x

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