Tarot card of the day


This card reminds us that kindness is not just being thoughtful but loveful! Seek out opportunities to be kind, perhaps an anonymous good deed or just a loving word to someone who may benefit from it. If you’re at home and your patience is being tested by your partner or children it may be just allowing someone else to win the argument.

Develop a lovefulness habit! Being kind, thoughtful, loveful is very likely to attract others onto your spiritual journey who express the same. Love your household plants (gosh thats a challenge!), your garden, your pet and develop closer connections with all of these things. Nature is a soother, a haven, a place of renewal… Who wouldn’t want to be closer to all of that?

Mostly, and if you do nothing else, be kind to yourself! Think of yourself in a kind and loving way, take time for yourself.. You’ll reach the place of peace.

Do check out my self care Sundays tarot series on YouTube https://youtu.be/DfKALlui1-k

Spiritual blessings x

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