Tarot card of the day


She is something else! ⭐When she appears, the Swan queen asks that we look at our reflection and consider the events of our lives that make us who we are. See the beauty of your path that has transformed you to this place of wisdom. It’s time to find that place where your intuition resides and seek your answers there.

Allow yourself the opportunity to be still, let your intuion be still and then…. Listen. Meditate and ask for a vision for your life. The Swan queen helps you to release your own psychic perception.

Stop doubting your inner voice!!!

Don’t allow the analytics of your mind to blur the vision of the miracles that roll out in your life… They are a blessing specifically designed for you.

The Swan queen also challenges you to look at your reflection, the changes that will inevitably occur in your life… Do not fear them… They are supposed to happen… They are divinely guided.

Release the past, release your fear, be gentle with yourself and then… Sit back and allow the change.

Allow the shift in your perspective and… See the beauty of it

Spiritual blessings x

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