⭐Tarot reading bonus ⭐

When in your life were you happiest?

You perhaps haven’t thought about that in some time. Generally, the last 3,6,9,12 months have been difficult for the collective as people have been stretched in their spiritual life paths

Today’s reading speaks of reaching a point of fairness and balance. The law of harmony stepping in to balance the scales. You are about to align with the powerful forces of synchronicity and with the abundance of the universe in a way you never have before

There are optimum conditions to fulfil your highest spiritual intentions

Harmony begins with self and will vibrate outwards to those surrounding you

Nurture yourself with love, respect and acceptance

You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness. Listening to love not fear!

What’s coming is surely worth waiting for!

⭐Top tip⭐
Today journal for 10 minutes about when you were happiest in life.

⭐What makes you happy?⭐
Let me know in the comments

Spiritual blessings 🌺

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