Tarot of the day

You may have noticed that my daily updates have dwindled over the past few weeks. Life has become so hectic for anyone working in healthcare, so I trust that you will all bare with me.

As a bonus, and an attempt to make it up to you, here’s a little message someone out there needs to hear.

The cards speak of a number of things, for example the wheel of life turning, change is inevitable after all. It also speaks of communication coming your way and I feel for some this may help you to overcome a general feeling of defeat. Something has left you tired, and many are on the brink of giving up all together regarding a specific situation.

For one or two of you, the time has come to let go of an old relationship that was perhaps just hanging around in your energy, causing more despair and anxiety than being of any benefit. I’m sure some old memories are evoking a sense of nostalgia at this time. This is your nudge from the divine to action what you need to.

I often find that the universe steps in when we need it… And sometimes when we don’t want it. There is a call to clear your energy and release an ex.. If its you… You’ll know it.

The river queen talks of flow, letting go and naturally moving forward–supported here by the wheel of fortune depicting the natural cycle of life, the change of the seasons and for those who choose it, growth and forward movement.

The river queen stresses the need to let go of perfectionism, rigidity of thought and attitude, and to flow. That way you will negotiate any of lifes obstacles. Ease is the word of the day, both being easy on yourself as well as others… The movement forward will then be smooth and the direction may even surprise you.

The inner child card tells us to have patience with ourselves and to acknowledge that growth and spiritual maturity is unique, specific to you. Allow things to move at your own pace

A little task to help you move forward..

Begin to build a list of everyday actions and habits that bring you happiness. Add to the list whenever something new comes to mind. Try to incorporate one action into your daily routine

Spiritual blessings x

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