Tarot of the day

Given the turbulent times we’re in, I feel now more than ever is a time to spread a little love and to encourage people. So today my plan is to spread a wee message of hope and optimism

I’ve been busy trying to get the June/July love readings out on YouTube. It’s so interesting how really, it is love which makes the world go around. Yes, we may be distracted by other things but ultimately it always comes back to that. What do you think?

For many, there is a message today of ‘don’t quit just before the finish line’ – some of you have planted seeds some time ago and been waiting patiently for something to flourish. The positive expectations card has come in to remind you to keep going, just a little longer. I strongly feel this is specific to love scenarios.

You may not see immediate results or a dramatic change in events however, keep the faith! Your manifestation is coming!

Keep your thoughts pure and positive, get outside into nature and mentally converse with others.

Today, write down your hopes, dreams, affirmations, visualisations and watch what happens. Then wait.. You don’t want to miss out on your miracle because you gave up 5 minutes before the end…

Spiritual blessings x

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