Tarot of the day

🎶Express yourself!! 🎶

Music is the ultimate mood booster! I can’t get through a day without it-actually sometimes I struggle to move rooms without it

I have to confess that I am the person who gets caught by men in white vans… Singing at the traffic lights. I may get a little carried away and forget that my windows are in fact see through 😂

Today you are guided to surround yourself with music! Hurrah! Anything that is fast paced and joyful to lift your spirits (might I add that a little dancing around the kitchen or… With the dog is also recommended 🤔)

You may find that you are drawn to new music genres today, to take up a new instrument or to blow the dust off one you already have. Is there a gift that you’re hiding? Get it out there!

Make notes of songs that recur today, on the radio, in shops etc there may be an important message for you. There may even be the answer to your questions

Express yourself!

If you do manage to dance around the kitchen (other areas are available) upload a pic and tag me in it!⭐ I DARE YOU! ⭐

Happy Saturday my beautiful alchemists!

Spiritual blessings x

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