Tarot of the day..


This is such an interesting energy. This card usually shows up so that the ice queen can block your onward movement. It may be a time to hold tight rather than take any action. If you have a great thought on this day, take note of it for later action. This is hardly surprising in the middle of retrograde season

Instead of rushing forward, pause for a look back. Appreciate where you’ve come from and all of the work you’ve put in to get to where you are

Reconsider your goals perhaps and tweak them if you need to. Trust in perfect timing and in knowing that now is not the right time! In the waiting period you may find that something better unfolds

Focus on one thing at a time and allow yourself a reprieve from trying to do everything at once!

The other thing she challenges us on is the idea of what we truly own. Even our ideas have probably been had by others before us. Spirit gives us downloads. What’s value do you place on things that you ‘own’? Do they restrict you in any way? They can provide unnecessary restrictions to our lives… The ‘things we need’

Let go of restrictions and allow life to flow through you today

Spiritual blessings x

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