Tarot of the day..


We learn at a young age to be reliant on others, mostly our parents. As we grow, the natural change of events causes us to become more reliant on ourselves. Life continues to happen however and sometimes our experiences cause us to withdraw into ourselves and even take a step back. We feel frightened or need reassurance from others that everything will be OK.

This card reminds us that everything you need is within yourself–you are your own best friend, meeting your own spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

You can trust and rely on yourself and your spiritual gifts–your intuition will show you the best path forward. You are able to manifest through your own thoughts and actions.

Keep your thoughts positive today and trust your inner voice. Don’t let anyone else talk you out of your dreams or hearts desires. You are deserving and able to manifest whatever you set your mind and energy to.

Take time to set your intentions today. Your dreams are manifesting

Spiritual blessings x

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