Tarot of the day


What events have had the most impact on your life? How do they affect how you see yourself?

When she appears, the lady of the mirror asks you to reflect. She represents the law of attraction and encourages you to achieve what you want in yourself in order to attract it in others

Do not see yourself as a victim if you have attracted negative events or things that you did not want. Simply observe and tell yourself ‘I did that’… Then let it go. Be confident in the knowledge that you can attract whatever you want in life!

Consider your successes and failures, opportunities, relationships and greatest dreams and desires. How do you respond to challenges? How does approaching a challenge make you feel about yourself?

Release judgements of yourself and accept that you are where you are. You are who you are.

Honour every step of your life to date and know that there have been no wrong turns.. Just learning experiences

Visualise your future.. Why do you want it that way? Take time to invest in achieving the feeling of already having that.. That way you will receive it

Spiritual blessings x

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