My lunar loves

Here you will find a selection of some of my favourite, hand-picked items. Often moon inspired…hence the title choice

You’ll find a selection of my favourite self care and spiritual growth resources, as well as some other special items that I just can’t resist! I hope they will help and inspire you on your journey.

Mind cards

These beautiful cards can be drawn to provide you with reflections and advice £9.99


Essential tool for anyone on a spiritual journey- always start with self £3.95


The perfect tone and time frame to fit into the busiest of days £2.99


Guided meditation to help you look out for all of the positives in life £2.99


Guided meditation to help you focus on what you truly want from life. £2.99


Guided meditation to rid yourself of stresses at the end of a long day £2.99


Three Happy Thoughts

This book is all kinds of beautiful, with its luxury grey cover and gold writing.£16.50

The Bullet Journal from Little Bird Singing Journal

This cosmic looking journal even comes with stickers and different page types so you can tailor the journal to meet your needs and your style. £4.50

Personalised Leather Journal from RSVP Handcrafted

This journal is so luxurious looking, inside and out. It’s seriously worth the investment! £67.72

Custom refillable leather journal for men

From The Daydream Brand, this journal for men, is refreshing to see. Why shouldn’t men journal? Chaps, you’re worth it! £42.32

Little floral journal from The Mexican Studio

This is gorgeous, it’s even beautifully colourful on the inside. Definitely one to put in your handbag on the go. £11.99

The mystical journal from Dream Keeper

For those of you who like to record your dreams, this is amazing. I’m hooked on the chestnut colour and lock alone. £23.97

The happiest gratitude journal

It’s so bright it carries its own energy! With it’s colours and containing guidance of how to get started in journaling, it’s the perfect choice for beginners. Also, its a steal at £7

Personalised leather notebook Tiger Leather Gifts

A delightful, delicately designed Journal. The forest scene would be enough to inspire any budding writer. £16.51

Foil coated journal from And So They Made

This journal comes in lots of beautiful, bright colours and it’s a hard back too! All you have to choose is how to personalize yours. £15.95

Classic design leather journal from Event City Design

This should be a staple on everyones shelf. It comes in lots of different colours of leather and of course it’s personalised. £16.92

Digital Gratitude Journal

This online gratitiude journal is perfect for journaling on the go. No excuses! £18

Digital Mindfulness Journal

With a specific focus on mindfulness this digital journal is set to keep you on track £25.16

Because self care is self love.